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slack_n_slash: (Slashers. Slacking at work.)

Slashers, slacking indiscriminately

Go forth and procrastinate. Or do it later, whatever.

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Name:Slacking and Slashing
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At work1? Bored? Like slash? Hit us up! Hopefully there'll always be someone around to slack with you.

And remember, it's not slacking, it's being counterproductive.

1Or home, school, uni, whatever. We're nothing if not equal opportunity slackers

If you're not sure what slash is, then you probably won't want to be here! But just in case, slash is speculation, fic, discussion, pictures etc of male/male or female/female or any other paradigm queering relationships in media (tv, comics, the Archers, whatever). In addition to this, we're also RPS friendly. RPS is Real Person Slash. Which is exactly what is says. Speculation, fic, discussion etc of real life personalities in homosexual situations (or occasionally heterosexual situations. I mean, Ben Browder/Claudia Black anyone? *g*)

Community Rules:

1. As people will be browsing from work, please do not post anything 'not safe for work' outside of a cut tag. Please mark an entry if the contents behind the cut are NSFW.

2. SPOILER POLICY. Please post any spoilers for a current/ongoing series under a cut tag. Please be considerate of anything else that might be considered spoilery. (For example, I would still cut tag anything to do with the ending of Blakes 7).

3. Play nicely.

Transgressions will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Some of the mods are likely to be more lenient than others. (saffronra is probably the crankiest, particularly about spoilers)

Mods are seiyaharris, saffronra and klo_the_hobbit

And in conclusion;

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